Authentic portfolio: an image of salish sea technologies' website Jul 4 0 By Chris Hawkins

Salish Sea Technologies is a small town computer store with a wide reach. They plan on bringing back a culture of customer service that has become...

Apr 4 0 By Chris Hawkins

Building Bridges is a small community support agency in Sooke BC. Their original website was hacked by bots in early 2015 as a result of missing...

Sep 2 0 By Chris Hawkins

JoyGardens Design and Devoted Care is a Greater Victoria based organic landscaping, gardening, and design firm.

Dec 4 0 By Chris Hawkins

MÖRR Solutions is a business improvement consulting firm specializing in ISO.

Dec 4 0 By Chris Hawkins

The Monkey Bubble House is an innovation in small home technology; we were lucky to have the opportunity to support this cool startup.

Dec 4 0 By Chris Hawkins

Tentsile Canada is the distributer of an amazing innovation in camping technology, the Tentsile. What is a Tentsile?

Dec 4 0 By Chris Hawkins

Essential Inquiry is the coaching and support practice of Simon Thomson, a skilled Enlightenment Intensive master.

Jun 25 0 By Chris Hawkins

The original Legal Beagle operated from a Telnet bulletin board at SFU, answering questions from students on Canadian Law.

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