Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a small community support agency in Sooke BC. Their original website was hacked by bots in early 2015 as a result of missing monthly Drupal updates.

At Authentic, we try to support as many community organizations as possible. Supporting community oriented businesses, non-profits, and social businesses builds a rich future for all of us.

Building Bridges Community Support provides amazing services to people with a range of differing abilities, and while they are not an official non-profit, they function similarly in the community. Instead of charging a lot of money, they help a lot of people live normal, fulfilling lives, building skills in work and play. Knowing who they are in our community, Authentic awarded Building Bridges with one of our Discretionary Community Business Grants, effectively rebuilding their website at a fraction of the true cost.

Project Specifics

This project was originally a Hack recovery, but after some deep examination of the database and file structure, we decided it would take less time to build a whole new website. We used Drupal for our CMS, wrote all new Value Propositions and Call to Actions, and had the site back up within 10 days.

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