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Content is King. A well known fact of the internet: where the writing, photos, videos, and podcasts are good, there will be visitors, shares, leads, sales, and signups.

A question we often hear is: “Will any content do? I have these hundreds of articles that I bought.” The short answer: No, for your work to be of value, it needs to be interesting, engaging, accurate, and applicable to your target audience. Additionally, it needs to be correctly formatted for the web, as well as be easy to read. It is also incredibly valuable for your writing to be presented alongside of videos and photos.

When Search Engines such as Google and Bing are indexing your website and social media pages, they are looking for high quality, original works. The service they offer to the world hinges on the prompt delivery of relevant, useful, superior quality content, thus for them to pay attention to your posts and pages, your offering needs to be exemplary. When a site is full of fabulous content that speaks to its target market in a way the search engines can understand, the results are amazing.

So, if high quality content is the main driver of SEO traffic, then why are there so many websites out there with sparse, poor writing? Why do so many businesses fail to publish the posts and pages that really appeal to their target audience? The answer is time.

SEO Content Writing: Finding the Time to Write

When running any business, there are too many tasks to count. Between running administration, managing staff, and creating products and services, on top of making any other number of decisions each day, where is the creative space left for writing?

At Authentic, we write for those of you who are too busy to be creating your own pages and posts. We take the time to engage with your industry, and your target markets, to uncover what it is that you do best, so that we can share it with the world.

Some business owners are fortunate enough to be gifted with both the time, and the writing skills, but they are few and far between. Even those who write may find it challenging to be objective, and write about their own projects without blatantly selling in every post.

The late sales pages of the 90’s affiliate marketing age left an impression on the minds of many: that quick cash is to be made through long pages that sell, sell, sell. The time of this style of sales page has passed. The new way is a better way: an Authentic way. In order to build positive relationships with today’s “client 2.0”, a necessary ingredient is trust, and that is earned through clear, concise communication about your brand and your service offerings.

At Authentic, our team of content writers rely on their expertise in the SEO field to create content that both the search engines, and your target audience, will LOVE. Take the pressure off, and let us create your pages and posts for you - after all, you have a business to run. Contact us today to get started on something amazing for your business.

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