Deep UX Analysis

User Experience (UX) is essential to the planning, building, and ongoing development of professional websites. From single-person consultancies to full scale e-commerce sites, proper User Experience design can literally make the difference between success and failure on the web. Over and over, we have heard from clients their own stories of navigating the internet and having trouble using various sites.

It’s not hard to imagine all of the issues that a website could have: an important link is broken; the phone number is missing, or incorrect; the payment gateway has a redirect problem; the code is broken in the contact form; half the pages pages aren’t mobile friendly. This list could go on to fill a book.

Broken down into its basics, UX is really about creating a seamless experience for your clients or customers, where they can get their needs met while using your website. This may sound too simple to be a professional service; however, in any business, whether your website is self built, or built by a professional firm, having a trained set of eyes assessing the details can bring incredibly valuable insight that will win you new customers and reduce your lost sales.

Having a trained set of eyes assessing the details can bring incredibly valuable insight that will win you new customers and reduce your lost sales

Our Deep UX Analysis includes all of the initial tests performed in our Basic UX Analysis, but adds the elements of customized user profiles, target market specific testing scenarios, and deep analytics. We work hard to determine the gaps in your design and functionality, such that you can retain more customers, convert more web traffic, and ultimately, make more money.

Some of the key benefits of a Deep UX Analysis include:

  • Increased income potential owing to higher lead conversions
  • Insight into issues encountered by your most valuable customers
  • Insight into how to gain and retain more customers
  • Increased knowledge for your marketing team on the behaviour of your website users
  • Improved SEO (UX is a prime ranking factor in modern search engines)
  • Decreased “Bounce Rate” (a calculation of how many website users leave immediately upon visiting your site
  • A concise list of actionable items for your team to work with, or you have the option to hire our firm to implement the changes

No matter your industry, target market, or size of website, our team works to uncover these valuable insights for your firm. The data that we uncover can mean the difference between an annoyed site user becoming frustrated and leaving, and a loyal repeat customer who will share your links.

When preparing for a Deep UX Analysis, we take the following into consideration:

  • Your industry and its standards
  • The intended use of your website (sales, lead generation, information, etc)
  • Your target market and market segments
  • Your most valuable services or sales
  • The intended geographical reach of your products or services

If you’re ready to convert more leads and make more sales, contact us to arrange a Deep UX Analysis for your website.

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