Value Proposition Development

One of the most common services we perform for clients is Value Proposition Development. We are hired for two main reasons:

  1. Owners often have trouble writing Value Propositions.
  2. Our clients lack the time to do their own marketing.

Value Propositions: Boost Website Sales

Value Propositions are a powerful way of clearly communicating how your service or product meets a need of your target audience.

Marketing statements so often include information that doesn’t connect with their intended audience. They may use phrases that evaluate the service such as “we are the best,” or compare themselves to their competitors. Some businesses are still trying to connect by being the cheapest or the fastest or any other number of valuation factors that have become cliches.

The use of cliches is the old way of marketing and is generally no longer effective. If the only saving grace of your product or service is that it comes at cheaper rate, you would be best to pack it in, start over, and create something meaningful.

To truly connect with your target audience you need to know what they want. What do they yearn for? What are they trying to do in the world? What do they need support with, and how would they would be willing to receive that support?

To truly connect with your target audience you need to know what they want

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