Monkey Bubble House

The Monkey Bubble House is an innovation in small home technology; we were lucky to have the opportunity to support this cool startup.

We knew that as a small startup, our client was on a tight budget. We kept the project simple, focusing on writing great content that spoke to the intended target audience. We kept the costs low and built a scalable website, such that our client can easily expand it as their budget allowed.

No reflection of the Monkey Bubble House project itself, our work was short and simple. The main aim of this site was to showcase the first prototype of the MBH to the world, and show off its' many safety features. A secondary function was to stream traffic to the crowdsourcing campaign, such that our client could gain the funding to start a higher production of their small homes.

Project Specifics

This is a simple site built in Drupal 7. We incorporated a blog, an automated contact form, and some sharp custom design. There is a minor e-commerce setup integrated into the "Contribute" page, leveraging a simple PayPal setup. We continue to maintain the integrity of this project through CMS Monthly Maintenance.

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