Tentsile Canada

Tentsile Canada is the distributer of an amazing innovation in camping technology, the Tentsile. What is a Tentsile? It's a form of tent that hangs in the trees and is accessed via a sturdy nylon webbing ladder.

We worked to gain an understanding of the specific target market and the intended end user for each of our clients' products. From here, we considered the exact market segments we wanted to communicate with and wrote engaging content that communicated what the products could offer them. The results were fabulous; strong value propositions matched with powerful images and expert content.

Project Specifics

This project was started with an exploration of the intended target markets. We worked with our client to determine who would really care about the product, how those people could be grouped, and what they value. We utilized all the information we came up with to inform our Content Plan, keeping a consistent tone through the site.

We performed a round of Domain Keyword Research for this project, settling on a term that received 200 searches a month and still had the Canadian domain available. We built the site in Drupal 7, had one of our designers craft a logo, and strategically wrote all of the site's content. It was fun to work with a startup with such a cool product line; both our team and our client were happy with the outcome of the project.

Owing to corporate restructuring by the parent company, the Canadian distributor for Tentsile has ceased operations, though Tentsile products are more widely available than ever.

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