MÖRR Solutions

MÖRR Solutions is a business improvement consulting firm specializing in ISO. They work in a very niche area and our team needed to study and ask a lot of questions to really understand the full scope of the market. It was important to us to understand the market fit for each service, such that we could clearly speak to the intended audience through our words and images.

We knew heading into the project that the SEO portion would be challenging. In a field as competitive as ISO Auditing, many important keywords have been well used by longstanding industry players. This type of project is exactly where our Keyword Research methods shine. We do our work by hand, relying on critical thinking and deep competition analysis rather than on fancy tools. While the process was slightly longer, we uncovered dozens of valuable Long Tail Keywords that MÖRR's intended market was searching for and that they could actually rank for.

Project Specifics

This was a fun project; we spent a lot of time in preparation, learning about the ISO industry, learning about the value of each service, and about who would benefit most from MÖRR's support. We spent a lot of time in Keyword Research, both for use in blog posts, static content, and to purchase domains . We built the website in Drupal 7, wrote SEO savvy, engaging, web content, and created Value Propositions aimed directly at specific market segments. We selected the images, ensured they were sized correctly for fast loading, and matched them with strong Value Propositions.

Given the current risks online from hackers and bots, we added high security features to this build and have continued to manage the CMS Monthly Maintenance to ensure that their investment stays secure.

Overall, we had a lot of fun; the staff at MÖRR Solutions were very professional and knowledgeable in their field and we learned a lot from them. We've received a lot of praise from them on this project, both in the content and the SEO performance.

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