Essential Inquiry

Essential Inquiry is the coaching and support practice of Simon Thomson, a skilled Enlightenment Intensive master. Simon has been hosting intensives on the West Coast for many years , teaching self inquiry and meditation. He has recently expanded his practice to include coaching, both in groups and one on one.

Our client had his website nearly completed, but he needed some experienced techs and a few more eyes on the project. We got inside the code and completely rebuilt the layout of this site, utilizing UX principles, strong Value Propositions, and a keen eye for detail.

Project Specifics

When taking on a project from other developers, we never really know what we're getting into. This site looked good on the outside, but once in the code, our developers needed to do a lot of rework. We rearranged the layout of the home page to be easily navigated by site users, drawing attention to the most important content. Value Propositions and Call to Actions were strengthened, and unnecessary content was removed. The result: a clean, professional website that provides an enjoyable experience for users. We're very happy with how this project turned out.

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