The Legal Beagle

The original Legal Beagle operated from a Telnet bulletin board at SFU, answering questions from students on Canadian Law. The Legal Beagle was a free service offered to students by a full time professional lawyer. As the internet expanded, many similar services popped up and The Legal Beagle project was shelved. When the original Legal Beagle retired from law a few years ago, he decided to team up with a top Restorative Justice facilitator and trainer and restart a modern Legal Beagle service.

We built this site for the original Legal Beagle, the first of many to use this catchy title who started off giving advice to students at SFU & UBC using Telnet chat rooms. After retiring from a long career in Canadian Criminal Law, The Legal Beagle returned, providing free legal advice to those in need. It was an honour to be a part of this project.

Project Specifics

We created this site from scratch, with one of our designers creating a professional logo from the Legal Beagle's original hand drawn image. The logo retains the vintage feel while being clear and scalable for modern web and print usage.

To meet the needs of the target demographics, we set up a custom workflow such that site users could choose if their legal question was public or private. Public questions went to a forum where others could benefit from the discussions, while private questions went through a protected form, keeping the user anonymous.

We created this website and forum as a part of our dedication to healthy communities. In the spirit of The Legal Beagle, we waived all of our fees.

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