Salish Sea Technologies

Authentic portfolio: an image of salish sea technologies' website

Salish Sea Technologies is a small town computer store with a wide reach. They plan on bringing back a culture of customer service that has become sidelined in big-box computer sales outlets. They came to us first to rebuild their website - the old site was flash-based and needed an overhaul.

The main work in this project was writing content that matched the brand. Rather than try to make the company appeal to their target market, we took the truth of who they are and how they truly serve their clients, and showcased it. The result for the client has been a leap in business revenue, customer engagement, and market share.

Project Specifics

Our client's original site was built in Flash - very fancy, but no ability to be indexed by search engines. As a result, he barely ranked for the name of the business. We did careful Keyword Research for this project, and wrote the content to meet the needs of the intended target audience. We sent our photographers down to the shop, so that we could make the new website a clear visual representation of Salish Tech's brand.

When completed, the results were fabulous. There was an immediate positive response from the customers, and over time, a sizeable increase in website traffic.

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