Startup Content Pricing

$600 /month

4 Hours Per Month

Minimum 6 Month Project

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$900 /month

6 Hours Per Month

Minimum 6 Month Project

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$1,200 /month

8 hrs Per Month

Minimum 6 Month Plan

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More Options

Is your project a bit larger? To find something that better matches your project's size and needs, select one of the options below.

Details for all Content Plans

No time to write? Do you have a message to get across, but you're unsure how to articulate it? You're in luck: We specialize in communicating your brand's services and value to your target audience.

All of our content writing goes through a staged process:

  1. We ask questions about your target market(s).
  2. We give a small amount of homework to help us better understand what your target market longs for.
  3. We will need some notes on the topic we are writing on, from someone on your staff who can speak to your work.
  4. If one does not already exist, we establish a Content Strategy for your website. This includes the tone, feel, and personality of your brand.
  5. We get down to business writing compelling content that communicates your brand's value to your target market.
  6. Our work goes to our in-house editor, who weaves our literary straw into gold.
  7. Edited content is returned to our writers who integrate the changes.
  8. Content is submitted to you for review.
  9. We allow a revision round to ensure what we have written is accurate to your brand.
  10. We return a final copy of the content to be published.
  11. If you are on one of our SEO Plans, we will create metadata for each web content page we create.

Our Content Plans have been applied towards:

  • Main website pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Value Proposition development
  • Assessing and re-writing existing content

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