Average Session Duration Up 70%

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SEO Result: Average Session Duration from Google traffic up 70% in 3 months.

Impact: When users find this website in Google, they stay on content pages almost a minute longer than they did 3 months ago.

This suggests two main improvements:

  1. The users who search for your website are really looking for your type of service. This suggests the SEO is really working, and the Content Strategy and Keyword Strategy are effective.
  2. For the users who arrive via Google search, the written content is engaging enough to capture their attention.

Sometimes a result like this will come at the same time as a drop in traffic, which can be alarming for some webmasters, It's actually a very good sign, and should be seen as such. Learn more about when Google traffic is down through our blog.

Project Type: Monthly SEO Plan, 20hrs/month

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