Cariboo Fire Relief

Who Are We?

We're Authentic Lab, a small, detail-oriented marketing firm, specializing in Websites built with technologies like Drupal; SEO; UX; and Content Writing. We provide detailed research, craft stories, and weave narratives that appeal both to the clients, and to the search engines.

Where possible, our team takes on non-profit projects and utilizes our company's resources.

What are we doing?

  1. We have set up alliances with organizations in the Cariboo and Chilcotin who are receiving and distributing food & supplies in each small community, as many are cut off and are not receiving Red Cross supplies. We are largely working with volunteer fire departments, First Nations band offices, and community organizers.
  2. We have arranged, and are still making connections with, organizations away from the fire zone who are willing to collect, store, and transport supplies to the Cariboo and Chilcotin community hubs we are connected to.
  3. We have partnered with citizens groups who are staffing drop points for specific goods requested by the communities themselves.
  4. We are helping some fire departments raise funds for their efforts.

Authentic's main role has been using our team's abilities in organizing, building systems, and making connections, to help the communities in need get essential supplies.

Communities We Are Trying To Reach

  • 150 Mile House
  • Miocene
  • Likely
  • Horsefly
  • Beaver Valley
  • Big Lake
  • McCleese Lake
  • Alexandria
  • Soda Creek
  • Sugarcane
  • Riske Creek
  • Dog Creek
  • Alkali Lake
  • Nazko
  • Hanceville
  • Alexis Creek
  • Lac La Hache
  • Forest Grove
  • 108 Mile House
  • 70 Mile house
  • Lone Butte
  • Hendrix Lake

What about the Red Cross - Aren't they doing the same thing?

The Red Cross is doing great work:

  • Sending cots, blankets, and first aid supplies to the evacuation centres
  • Collecting money that is given to the Regional Districts to be given as relief grants to evacuees
  • Serving people at the evacuation centres in the larger communities

The Red Cross is not sending food or other supplies to anyone outside of the evacuee centres.

In contrast, we are:

  • Connecting with the small outlying areas of the Cariboo
  • Getting specific supply wish lists from Volunteer Fire Departments and other community hubs
  • Collecting contributions of those specific supplies from people outside the fire zones
  • Arranging transportation to the small communities in the Cariboo & Chilcotin, to be distributed by the teams we have networked with

Does the Red Cross support our efforts?

We spoke with Cheequan Ho, Communications Officer for the Victoria Red Cross on Tuesday, July 11. She applauded our efforts as we do theirs. It has been acknowledged that we are filling in a necessary gap in support services.

What type of supplies are we seeking?

The following items have been identified as priorities by the organizations we are connected with:

  • Bottled water
  • Canned soups, stews, and meat
  • Meal rations or camp-style packs
  • Canned fruit
  • Energy bars / sports gels
  • Electrolyte mixes
  • Gatorade/Powerade
  • Charcoal tablets
  • Particle masks
  • Water purification tools & tablets
  • Batteries
  • Dog food & Cat food
  • Sealed fuel containers (white gas & propane)
  • Eye drops
  • Throat lozenges
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products)

Larger items:

  • Camp stoves
  • Generators (large ones for the community coordination offices)
  • Generators (home use)
  • Solar chargers (both individual and home size)
  • Battery packs for solar chargers
  • Freezer backup batteries (power blocks)
  • Extension cords (heavy duty outdoor)

Where can items from these lists be dropped off?

  1. Victoria Depot: #2 - 836 Devonshire Rd, at Lighthouse Brewery (in conjunction with VanIsle Storage).
    Hours: Mon-Tues 9-4:30, Wed-Fri 9-6, Sat 11-6, Closed Sun. Contact: Tanya Dyck: 250-477-2212 or [email protected]
  2. Prince George Depot: 558 4th Ave (between Kingston St + Toronto St) Please use alley access - two green doors and open bay - for easier loading and unloading.
    Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-8, Sat 10-4:30, Sun 10-2 Contact: Kari 250-301-8736
  3. Quesnel Depot: 1218 Caribou Hwy North, Quesnel, BC (the old coop warehouse on two mile flat)
    Hours: (awaiting info, call for now) Contact: Lyle Lee: 250-991-1932
  4. Kamloops Depot:
    Hours: (awaiting info, call for now) Contact: Bea Peters: 250-255-0469

We have send more than three metric tonnes of goods ourselves, and our partners have sent countless loads. To contribute, please take part in our fundraiser for the 100 Mile Hub, or send an e-transfer to [email protected] with the suggested password: support. We are currently using monetary contributions to purchase extra supplies to fill in the gaps from what has been donated, or to purchase specialty items such as gas cans and fuel, or requested items from firefighters.

What will we do with any extra goods or funds, or if we are unable to reach our target communities?

If we are unable to reach our target communities, we have backup plans for drop off points. If these are inaccessible too, we will re-route to the nearest evacuation centre, or supply the closest fire operations base.

Any additional funds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Are we able to provide a tax receipt for contributions of money or goods?

No. As a business, Authentic Lab cannot issue tax receipts. However, we are a well respected marketing & website company, and we are tracking any contributions from companies. Any significant support will be noted in our media communications and in our thank you blog posts.

Contact Info

For media inquiries and more information:

Chris Hawkins
Contact Chris by email
Shawn DeWolfe
Contact Shawn by email

We are grateful for any support you can offer to the people of the Cariboo & Chilcotin.

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