Our SEO Plans

We offer a wide range of SEO plans to meet the needs of our clients. Originally we only served a larger corporate market, but we have seen over the years that small businesses need our services too.

Too often we were hired to fix websites for clients who had spent $900 a month for search engine optimization services that prey on small businesses, offering a lot and delivering nothing. We have even had clients who claim their site was optimized, only to discover that they were never asked to give any access to the site or server.

In order to meet the SEO needs of small businesses, we have created a wider price range for our services. We have broken our services down into affordable monthly plans. This way we can help more small business owners access high quality SEO, like their competitors, at a lower monthly price point. Rather than create a “cheap-o” SEO package, we found a way to create a high value at a lower cost: it’s a win-win.

We make no lofty promises with our SEO services, only that we will do everything in our power to connect your business with your target audience using the best tools and techniques available. With many years of experience and the support of our team, we’re confident that we can make a positive difference for any website, big or small.

Every project has a unique set of needs, challenges, and desired target audiences. Keeping this in mind, we will use whatever tools and strategies that will work best for your project: content writing, planning and architecture, social media, keyword research, metatags and title tags, changes to page structure or server settings, XML sitemaps, and many more related services.

Our Current SEO Plans

SEO for Startups: These plans are a great fit for startups that are not yet launched, or are within their first year.

SEO for Small Business: These plans are a fit for small businesses who have a staff of between 2-10. These are our most popular plans.

SEO for Enterprises: These plans are appropriate for larger websites or businesses of any size who have both the need and budget for more in-depth marketing and SEO campaigns.

If you’re uncertain which plan to choose, consider how quickly you want the work done and how much support your project needs. Our smallest plans are for 2-4 hours per month, and our largest ones are up to 40 hours per month.

Of course, if you are able to commit to a larger budget for your SEO and marketing campaigns, we can do more for your website and your business in a shorter time frame; however, we are ready to work with your company at whatever level you wish to start. If you are still uncertain, feel free to ask our staff about what plan would be meaningful for your size of project.

For more information, contact us, view our pricing menu, or speak with one of our staff.

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